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Gym Girl Hair Tips

So, if you’re anything like me, you’d rather spend your free time on a kick butt workout, rather than spending hours washing and styling your hair.  Some girls are blessed with wash and go hair; I am definitely not one of them.  If your hair is long, thick, unruly, frizzy AND you  insist on frequently […]

Sumi Singh Meal Pros

Making the Most out of your Meal Plan

I recently met up with a company here in Austin that provides a healthy meal delivery service ( for busy people who want to eat healthy on the go. I’m going to use MealPros in this blogpost but there are probably other companies in your town that are based on the concept of delivering portion-controlled meals that are nutritious, […]

Sumi Singh Fitness Trainer

Providing Great Group Fitness

I’ve been a personal trainer for over a decade now, and a group fitness instructor for just as long. I’ve coached hundreds of classes, and group fitness is very different from 1-1 training. If you’re a personal trainer, or a group fitness instructor looking to provide a fabulous fitness experience, read on. Many people begin their […]

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