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Stress Relief Tips

If I had a dollar for the  number of times a client has shown up to a session “stressed out,” I’d probably have a couple extra bills to throw around. Stress is a normal part of life; it’s how you manage and deal with it that helps you get on with the joy of living life. […]

Homemade Quest Bars

Homemade Dark Chocolate Quest style Protein Bars Quest protein bars are very popular with my clients. A lot has changed since I first reviewed the product several years ago and you can check that out my old review here Quest Bar review. Since then, the brand has come out with several flavors, and revised their ingredient list to […]

Fitness Tips for the Single Mother

A little while ago, a came across an article on how the single mother can live richly on a single income. Which led me to think, I ought to write a few fitness tips for the single mother, and how she can find quality time for some exercise, despite her busy schedule. What makes me qualified? Other […]

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