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Ice Cream Diet Shailafitness

Ice Cream Diet

So, before I get into the weeds of this latest client success story, let me first explain the reason behind the title. By no means are we trying to mislead you. This particular client did lose weight while eating all the foods she loved (ice cream and real cream in her coffee) on a regular basis. […]

Sumi Singh Strong Powerful Female

Strength Training Self-Esteem

So, a few weeks ago, I put together a neat post about all the cool things that start to happen when you strength train regularly, including getting stronger (of course!), finding daily tasks easier to accomplish, better bloodwork/labs, performing better at your job, reducing stress, and so on. And another thing, strength training improves self-esteem. […]

Sumi Singh 10,000 steps

10,000 Steps A Day

A few weeks ago, I started gathering tips from Facebook friends and clients on how they managed to get in the minimum 10,000 steps a day using activity trackers. Now mind you, 10,000 steps a day might be a huge increase for someone who is completely sedentary, and the number (10,000) is more like a nice […]

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