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Cleaned Up Curry

Client Success Story: Indian Inspiration

“Cannons K” as we’re going to call her here, has been weight training with me over 6 months now and is a fellow Punjabi girl who absolutely loves lifting as much as I do. I’ve created a monster and we both like it! In the few short months, she’s safely, slowly, and sanely dropped 8 lbs, […]

Sumi Singh Fitness Model

My 5 Top Tips for Shedding the Post Baby Weight

So, by now,  you’re probably aware that I wrote an entire book on the subject of post-baby weight since I wanted to share EVERYTHING with you. It took some time to lose the weight and get back in shape, but there were a handful of things I really focused on the months following my baby’s delivery. […]

Sumi Singh T-Shirt

Introducing the All New Shaila Fitness Website

Thanks for visiting the revamped website for Shaila fitness. I hope you stop by often. Here, I’d like to quickly point out a few things. 1. A regular newsletter feature and a subscribe button on my home page. Have you signed up yet? Whether you’re a personal training client, an online client, or a busy […]

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