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How to Perform The Squat

If you’ve trained with me, or had the displeasure of sitting next to me at dinner, you’ll know that one of my favorite exercises is the squat. It’s a total body exercise that works your legs, your core, your upper body (when you add resistance) and gets your heart rate up. And once you get strong enough […]

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Favorite Fitness Gifts

Wondering what are some of the best fitness gifts to give this year for the Holidays? Here are a list of some of my favorite fitness products for all budgets and fitness levels: 1. Resistance bands are a perfect fitness gift for the beginner, at home-exerciser and traveling athlete.  I’ve bought bands from Black Mountain […]

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Why I’m Named Shaila Fitness

Every now and then, a client will ask why I’ve named my fitness business Shaila Fitness. After all, my name isn’t Shaila (it’s my daughters’) and to a complete stranger, Shaila Fitness certainly doesn’t sound tough, grueling, physically challenging, or even catchy. But here’s what you might not know. The Hindi name Shaila has many […]

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