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Online Training Success Story

I’ve known Shellie for several years from when I used to live in Florida almost 10 years ago. Through the magic of Facebook, we managed to keep in touch and I’ve watched Shellie continue to make consistent progress in her own fitness.  Shellie’s a full-time realtor, a spin instructor at LA Fitness, and mother of […]

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Budget Friendly Tools for At-Home Strength Training

If you’re a new mom, a stay at home mom, or just trying to save some money by cutting out a gym membership, you might want to consider the following pieces of budget friendly tools for at-home strength training. Resistance, or strength training will require you to work your body against an object that provides resistance. You’re […]

Sumi Singh Fitness Model

What NOT to do for Weight Loss

Whether you believe it not, long-term weight loss and maintenance is achievable. Is it hard work? Yes. Is it for everybody? No. Not everyone needs to lose weight. If you’re comfortable in you own skin, move and feel healthy and strong, keep up just fine with the kids, and your blood work labs keep you and […]

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